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magine the power of your whole company making music together !!!

We provide each person with a drum, teach them how to play, how to listen to each other, and within 15 minutes your company will be making music! Whether it is interactive team building or pure entertainment you're after, The Drum Cafe delivers an unforgettable experience. At the Drum Café, we believe in building teams…one beat at a time.

With the European Unions' mix of cultures and languages, Drum  Cafe offer a way to unite everybody with a universal language, the language of rhythm and teamwork. Drumming takes only an hour, and is the most powerful and  "easy to organise" way of bringing together and entertaining your team.

Drumcafe have done over 17,000 events in 29 countries for over 40% of the worlds top companies. We can do any size group from 10 to 10,000  people.  (yes we have done 6000 drums )

Drum Cafe

Why Drumming  ?   What happens ?

You were the stars of the day

Our most memorable event ever

The highlight of the weekend

Cant wait for the next drumming session

The Corporate In Thing
The Times London

The highlight of our conference:

The Drum Café motivated and inspired our management team in a way that was not only fun and entertaining, but relevant.

Drumming is an ancient tool of communication and community building.The Drumcafe event is both a powerful analogy for teamwork and a great method to get your delegates into a great frame of mind.


Its very easy to put on a drumming event, taking up to one hour and all in the same room as your speeches. One drum per delegate in any venue or type of event.We can do product launches, large gala dinners, conference kick offs, team training sessions or office parties.

A drumming orchestra is a great analogy for team work where people have to listen to each other, follow a central base rhythm, drop their judgements, learn new skills fast, inspire each other and give their enthusiasm etc etc. We will work with you to make your specific message tie in with the drumming.

Delegates will feel completely relaxed, energized and in a great state of mind when the session is over  ... very valuable when you have people together for a limited time after travelling.

The drum event is a great experience of unity for a group. The event is often an historic first time the whole group have worked together as one. It’s a great way to break language barriers, bridge cultural divides and unite differing departments etc.

The drumming is  unique  and will never be forgotten. It’s an exciting addition to an event that will be the highlight of your whole conference allowing delegates to leave feeling that the day was truly something meaningful and special.

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